November 25, 2019

How to Master Sexting

Kelsey Mack

Sexting can lead to amazing results when it is done properly. When done incorrectly, however, it can lead to a bad time and no fun at all. It’s not as basic as texting for other purposes, and why would it be?

If you’re inviting a girl out for ice-cream, there are many ways you could go about asking such a question. Some of them are more likely to get a positive answer than others, but how wrong could it go? You must be a special case if you manage to ask a girl out for ice-cream, and she ends up thinking you’re a pig.

The point is that sexting is way more sensitive, especially because of the intention. You know that you want her to open herself to you (pun totally intended). However, if you offend her, good luck getting her open with a master key.

One could say sexting takes a level of finesse, but what it really takes is a smart approach. The focus here is on using a sexting app, which is a much better alternative for the following reasons:

  • The girls online are there just to sext as well
  • The options aren’t limited to girls you know
  • Getting to the fun stuff is a much smoother process
  • It’s easier to hookup then move on with life.

So, now you’re probably intrigued by the prospect of sexting sites. That’s good, and recommendations are coming, but you need to be ready.

Slow The Sexting Down Tiger

For some reason, many men don’t think of sexting the same way they think of sex. This is a problem. In fact, this is what destroys the whole experience. Remember, women are not like men. Just because you met her on a sexting platform, it doesn’t mean that fact changes.

Imagine that every human being is built with an arousal meter. For men, that meter is always at 130%. This doesn’t mean you’re always horny. What it means is that at any moment, you can go from thinking about a meeting to wanting nothing but sex.

Women aren’t built like that. Their meters begin on empty. If you’re lucky, she may be at 50%. Your actions determine how close she goes to 100% and if she ever gets there. If you act as if she begins at 100%, you may even take her sub-zero.

Think about it for a moment. Isn’t this the same way that sex works too? Do you jump into the hardcore stuff before the foreplay begins? Do you blow your load and show your whole hand at the beginning? Of course not!

Don’t whip out your man parts and come on strong at the onset. Warm her up to it, and then you can hit her with all the good stuff. Do this right, and you can expect her to hit you with the good stuff after.

The Context of a Sext Msg

Don’t take the previous point to mean that you should move too slowly. Women don’t like to be kept waiting too long, and once her sexy mood has passed, that’s it.

The context is one of the biggest indicators where your pacing is concerned. Of course, if this girl is a friend that you’ve never been intimate with, you may want to keep it very nice and slow.

However, sexting apps and sexting websites are a completely different ball game. This is all about expectations. In the context of a friendship, your friend probably expects to talk about the new episode of your favorite show. So, obviously you need to work on a smooth transition to the X-rated show you want her to put on for you.

A girl that you’re in a sexting chat with online is all about that sexy action, so while you don’t want to seem like a pig, you can’t be too shy and reserved.

Pace yourself based on the context and based on her responses to your more subtle messages. Just go with the flow, and hookup season could be around the corner.

Please Her Mind While Sexting

Men get aroused much easier than women do. That’s because men are visual creatures, and women are not. Women get aroused on a more wholesome level, which is why the build-up is needed for the main event.

Put effort into your words and try to be descriptive. The idea is to appeal to her imagination, which causes her to anticipate what you want to do to her. Once you can create the desire in her, the rest is child’s play.

If you don’t have that natural artistic touch, try reading a few sex novels. Those should get your creative juices flowing.

Final Remarks

Now that you have some more info, go test what you’ve learned on a free sexting site. is a good place to start. It’s free, and it’s literally aimed at sexting for hookups.

If you want some more recommendations to improve your sexting prowess, why not watch this video.

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