April 21, 2021

Do Millennials Like To Sext Before Hooking Up?

Kelsey Mack

Technology has opened doors for people to become creative in expressing themselves. In fact, the use of digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, has changed the way we socialize. 

Dating apps and hookup sites have become more common nowadays, allowing people to connect faster without bothering to go to their local bar just to find someone for fleeting pleasure. The younger generation, specifically millennials, has wholly embraced this lifestyle. Social networks play a significant role in their dating and sex life. In an article released by the New York Post, about 37% of millennials say they've sent a dirty picture of themselves.

 It's safe to assume then that sexting for free is an integral part of the millennial dating process. It is meant to build arousal between two people until such a time comes when they can physically continue where they digitally left off. It supplements the entire sexual experience between two people, making for a greater connection overall. 

If you're a millennial and you're still weighing whether you should start sexting someone you just met, here are some things to consider before hitting that send button. 

Unsolicited sexts 

There comes a huge risk in dropping your dick pick or that eggplant emoji in the middle of your chat. Always be mindful and sensitive to the flow of your conversation. Do you think you have gained intimate enough with this girl to lead to this? If you're unsure, the answer is most likely no. The best way is to lay the foundation and allow for it to develop naturally. Talk to her more and wait and see how she will pick up. Subtlety is the key.

Drunk sexts

So, you've been on a drinking spree or were partying hard last night. During those times, you've become daring enough to finally send that girl a racy text or probably slip in a nude photo (or two). The next day, you find yourself waking up to a slew of sloppy mistyped texts and blurry images—and worst of all—a disapproving reply from a girl you've been chatting with for months. This is no different than a late-night drunk dial—it's not always charming and cute and most often will backfire. 

Age concerns

Many guys get into trouble because of this one huge mistake: not knowing the age of the girl they're chatting with—primarily online. While it's hard to really figure out whether you're chatting with a minor or not, you should be wary of who you talk with and remember that there are strict laws against child pornography in place. Therefore, you should think carefully before clicking that profile and proceeding to hit send. 

Catfish alert – beware of any red flags

When someone sends you nudes, you're not necessarily obliged to return the favor. It's tempting to send one back, especially to a seemingly hot girl you've been in contact with for the past few days. But always remember that catfishing is still rampant, and faking a profile can be quickly done. That's why it's best to connect to girls in trusted dating sites and apps that feature nothing but REAL and genuine people. 

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