November 25, 2019

Sexting 101 (Everything You Need to Know)

Kelsey Mack

A sexting app can be one of the most amazing experiences that one can have. Seriously, whoever was the first person to think, “I should totally just send her erotic messages,” was a genius. Also, there’s no doubt that a guy invented it.

In any case, as natural as it may seem, there are some sexting mistakes that you want to avoid as you try to get the ladies turned on enough to offer up their goodies. Even if that isn’t what you’re shooting for, they must be into it for your self-pleasure session to be remotely effective.

Sucking at sexting is sad because it can open some incredibly sexy doors in your life. Now, because you obviously want to walk through said doors, here’s some useful information that you need to keep in mind as you sext.

Find the Right Context

You have heard the saying, “there’s a time and place for everything,” right? Sexting is no different, and context is everything. First, there are some people in your life you can obviously sext and some that you shouldn’t.

You sext the girl that has been giving you hints and that you also want to bang. You don’t sext the girl who has told you that she doesn’t want you in five of the seven languages that she happens to speak.

If you’re hoping to sext for a hookup, you need to stick to contexts that are conducive to that. Maybe you have a friend with benefits type situation going on. In that case, sext away. However, you can also check out a few sexting apps for adults or sexting websites.

A great recommendation for you is Bang Sexting. Now, you may be wondering why you should use BangSexting over a site such as Tinder. Tinder is a very popular site, and people get results, right?

You’re not wrong if you think that, but it’s all in the process. You need to filter through hundreds of profiles and finesse your way through a conversation on Tinder. If you’re lucky, you may meet the girl, and more luck is needed to smash her.

With, it’s all about sexting and hooking up. That’s what you’re there for, and that’s what all the girls on the site want too. It’s a no-nonsense hub for sexting online.

Pace Yourself Well

Always go into a sexting chat the same way you go into sex. You must build up a woman’s anticipation, and you must give her the chance to come out of her shell. Come on too strongly, and you’re likely to get branded as one of the many perverted creeps that sleep in the sewers of the internet.

If there are pictures of you as you behave like this, it’s even worse. Your pictures and your messages may end up doing the rounds because she’s taking screenshots.

You’re ready for sex immediately, but you need to get it through your head that women just aren’t built that way. You need to kiss her before you ask her to take off her clothes to sit on Santa’s lap.

So, don’t kick off your conversation by asking for nudes or by sending her a random dick pic. That is just not the way to go about it.

Read a Book

Women get turned on by reading more than men do. Men get turned on by seeing more than women do. That gives you an advantage where sexting is concerned, even if you don’t realize it.

Remember, sexting is all about creating desire with words. You literally have the key to turn her on at your disposal. All you must do is use the figurative keyhole right, so that you can use the literal keyhole later.

Now, not every man is born with the genes of William Shakespeare. However, with enough effort, you can be the one to put her into a mood that makes her moist. Women read erotic novels for a reason.

These books appeal to them on a mental level, which is the kind of thing a woman needs to get her arousal fluids going.

Filter out things such as the expressions of love unless you’re texting someone who you’re in a relationship with. Pay attention to the way the men in these books carefully take their time to let the women know exactly what is about to go down.

Give it to her little by little and make her mind and body quiver as she begs for it.


While you’re being respectful and pacing yourself well, you must make her feel as if you know exactly what you want. She also needs to know that she fits the bill and that you’re coming for your pound of flesh.

Shyness may be one of the biggest sexting turnoffs of them all. Here’s a crash course on sexting to help you to sharpen your skills.

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