November 25, 2019

The Best Sexting Convo Starters

Kelsey Mack

When sexting is going great, it can lead to a lot of fun for both parties involved. However, before you get to that point, the conversation needs to be started off the right way. You can’t be on your way to the grocery store if you never walked out of your house, right?

Remember that you need to walk before you can run, unless falling flat on your face sounds like an appealing way to spend your time. Sexting works in the same way whether you’re sexting online, or you know the person that you’re communicating with.

You’ve more than likely heard about the concept of an icebreaker before, and it’s more important than you think. Underestimating the importance is the reason that most guys end up turning girls off.

If you think you can just put any grouping of words together and pull off successful sexting, then you’re out of luck. You need to compel a woman to want to respond to you as a man. As a woman, it’s a bit easier because normal guys don’t have a bunch of women trying to get their attention simultaneously.

There are guys who are that lucky, but they are almost always prominently featured on your TV. Regardless of that fact, men can get women to respond to them almost consistently, if they give these women something to respond to.

Try putting yourself in a woman’s shoes for a second. Whether she’s on a bunch of sexting apps for adults or not, there are many guys that are shooting their shots to try to get with her or to sleep with her. What makes you so special?

The only thing that she gets to judge you with is your opener, so consider the following as you write it:

  • Do something to make her laugh or intrigue her
  • Make it more than just a few words
  • Avoid being generic
  • Make it as personal as possible
  • Makes sure it’s something that you would reply to if the roles were reversed

Once you’re willing to do all of that, your success rate with sexting should skyrocket, assuming you know how to maintain the conversation once it begins. Here are some of the best sexting conversation starters and why they work.

I Know What You Want and I’m Certain I’m Ready

This one is guaranteed to get her attention and make her chuckle because of the boldness of the statement. One of the first things that may run through her head is, “really now?” The prospect is likely to be intriguing enough for her to ask you what exactly that is.

Once she starts asking questions, it means that you have her attention. Hopefully, you’re also ready with a good answer to whatever it is that she asks you.

Please save Some Energy after Today’s Workout. There’s Something You Need to Attend To

This one may also make her laugh, but the idea here is to create intrigue. When a girl is intrigued by something, it’s hard for her to ignore even if she’s on one of the many sexting websites out there.

A message such as this one typically creates a sense of mystery, especially since you’re bold enough to give her an ultimatum.

Again, before you head into the conversation, ensure you have a plan centered around where you want the conversation to go. You can’t go from such a bomb opener directly into the sexting pics. Remember, walking comes before running, or there’s no running at all.

3 Things I like about You: 1. You're Hot. 2. You're Hot. 3. You're Hot. Are You Getting the Picture or Should I Continue?

This one is to make her laugh and want to respond to you. You’re using a pretty standard compliment here, but you’ve managed to wrap it in an amusing package.

Women are used to hearing that they’re hot regularly. It’s one of the go-to phrases that guys use to try to find some sort of footing to start a conversation. The spin that you put on it here is bound to get noticed.

If she does ask you to continue, ensure that you have some interesting responses for the next few numbers to really get her going.

Why Don’t You Know Me? Better yet, What Do You Plan to Do about It?

This has an awkward level of confidence surrounding it, which is bound to get her interested enough to respond.

It’s bound to get her wondering who you think you are and why you think you’re so important. As usual though, be prepared to respond when she begins to talk, or it’s all for naught.

Final Remarks

As you can see, there’s a recurring theme here, which you can use to craft your own ice breakers once you get the hang of it. Just be funny and engaging without sounding generic.

Check out this video to help you understand a woman’s reactions better, and when you’re ready, try out your skills on sexting sites such as BangSexting.

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