October 14, 2021

Sexting Culture 2021 (It’s Impact to Culture and Society)

Kelsey Mack

Have you ever been curious about the latest trends in sexting culture in 2021, including how the term became what it is today? Well then, get ready as we at BangSexting answer your burning sexting questions and shed light on the good and the bad of virtual sex, aka sexting. Read on to find out more!

What is Sexting Culture?

Sexting basically connotes various digital activities, such as sending and receiving sexually explicit text messages, photos, or videos. This form of sexual activity is unique in this generation, especially with our growing dependence on the Internet and smartphones to stay connected to the world.

In many ways, sexting has become beneficial for most people. It helped express themselves better while exploring and understanding themselves deeper—with their sexual kinks, fetishes, and fantasies. Once considered deviant behavior, it proliferated discreetly among the youth and has even become the norm in hookups or casual sex among their peers.

While not exclusive to the younger demographic, sexting has definitely become a huge factor in adding depth to the sex lives of people. This avenue has helped couples spice up the bedroom and people living in conservative backgrounds to inconspicuously and safely engage in sexual activities, albeit in a limited manner.

The Origin of Sexting

The word “sexting” is a portmanteau of two separate words, “sex” and “texting.” It first appeared back in the mid-2000s when text messaging gained traction in Western cultures. Articles surfaced stating that text messaging became the new phone sex.

However, it was in the late 2000s when sexting made a considerable impact on mainstream media.  Publications eventually picked up on this new cultural phenomenon. They even touched on the issue of exploiting minors in the sex trade and the topic of data privacy breaches.

While sexting is still frowned upon and has become a constant worry for most parents for their children, sexting has slowly removed itself from being a socially unacceptable practice and has gradually become the norm in hooking up.

What Are the Common Sexting Practices?

As sexting has an understandably limited scope compared to actual physical intercourse, many people have created numerous ways to fully utilize this platform. Here are some common sexting practices that people observe.

Sex Chats – the most common and accessible among all options, sex chats bank more on creativity as you rouse your partner’s senses with graphic and erotic wordplay. Free sexting apps are the common venues to do this.

Video chats – for those who prefer a more visual approach, video sex chats allow partners to engage in intercourse, mostly through mutual masturbation or exposure of their privates to keep themselves hot and heavy. Video chats are one of the common sexting app features you’ll find online.

How Does Sexting Culture Affect the Youth?

Since younger people prefer sexting as their default means of having sex, the act puts them at greater risks, such as online sexting scams. It may involve blackmailing and cyberbullying, especially if potential partners threaten to share their lewd pictures and messages in public.

Sexting may also expose minors to the presence of online predators who may take advantage of their vulnerable position. Consequently, victims of online predators and cyberbullying may experience adverse psychological problems later on, especially when they get a tainted reputation from their past actions.

The Impact of Sexting in our Culture and Society

As the digital world continues to open up to vast possibilities in improving our social life, its opportunities may also be weighed down by potential risks that people may encounter along the way.

In terms of sexting, it may adversely impact an individual’s self-confidence and body image, especially with the constant affirmation of people to be desired.

Sexting may also distance people from engaging in their social circles outside of the virtual world. As it may later turn into a potential addiction issue, they may often neglect themselves and the people around them, resulting in social isolation and creating a rift in their relationships with their loved ones.

Our Descriptive Abstract of Sexting

The sexting culture in 2021 has experienced radical changes compared to how it was first perceived nearly two decades ago. With the ongoing pandemic taking a huge blow in people’s social lives, sexting has become a great alternative to hookups while maintaining a safe space for them to interact. While it poses some risks, we believe that sexting is a perfectly healthy aspect of one’s sexual practice—as long as you observe self-control and moderation.

BangSexting is a great app that helps people live their sexual fantasies in a safe space where they can freely express themselves on the virtual platform. If you want to try out sexting for yourself, this app is the way forward. 

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October 14, 2021

Sexting Culture 2021 (It’s Impact to Culture and Society)

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