November 25, 2019

A Breakdown of Sexting Emojis

Kelsey Mack

The use of emojis in messaging has become a staple in conversation. While words do a great job of conveying an intended message, there’s an additional intangible that the use of emojis brings to the table.

If you’re prone to using sexting apps for adults, sexting online, or sexting a significant other, the chances are that you’ve used a couple of emojis to make sexual references. Maybe you’ve only stuck to one or two because they are the only ones that you’re familiar with.

You may also not use any at all because you’re not sure how to use them. If that’s the case, then thank goodness you have this article because you are way out of the loop. No worries though, because you’re about to get all caught up on everything in emoji land.

Without further ado, here are some of the most commonly used sexting emojis and their double meanings.

The Eggplant

For anyone who is familiar with sexting emojis, this is probably the first one that comes to mind in the context. You could be on WhatsApp, using free sexting chats, or not sexting at all, and somehow it still pops up.

The emoji is so popular that even people in past generations who have never used or seen it in their own line of conversation are still aware of what it means.

The first meaning is, of course, an eggplant. It’s a very nutritious food that you should give a try if you never have before. However, that’s not the way people use it in sexting, of course.

The eggplant emoji is used as a dick reference by both males and females when referring to sexual activities. It can be used to say “dick,” “I want to give you this dick,” “let me see that dick,” etc. Naturally, whoever you’re speaking to would know what you’re implying based on the context.

The Waterdrops

This emoji has a level of popularity that isn’t far from that of the eggplant. In fact, the two are often used together during sexting. Sometimes the person sending the eggplant also sends this emoji. However, it is more commonly sent as a reply to the eggplant emoji.

In a normal context, the emoji is a few water droplets. This can be used to refer to things such as rain.

In sexting, however, it is an indication of bodily fluids. Obviously, no one is referring to tears here. Female arousal fluid is usually what is being alluded to with this one.

The “OK” Sign

This is one that you make with your hands regularly. Your thumb and index finger are placed together with your other three fingers upright. In regular communication, it is universally accepted to mean “OK.”

However, as with all things sexting, the meaning on this one has nothing to do with being OK, though what it does mean may have you feeling better than OK after.

The emoji is used in sexting to signify sexual penetration. While it can achieve this by itself, it is commonly used with the index finger pointing emoji to signify this.

The Peach

The peach is another common sexual emoji because of the fruit’s shape. The emoji version is even more symbolic of that certain shape that is being referred to.

Its normal meaning is nothing more than a fruit. It is a very tasty one too. It seems like food emojis are quite common in the world of sexting.

When you’re on sexting sites or doing any kind of sexting, of course, you’re not using the peach to signify anything edible. Well, that depends on your personal preferences. In sexting, the peach is used to represent a booty.

The Rooster

The rooster emoji is not as common as some of the other emojis here because there is another way more popular emoji used to signify the same thing. That more popular emoji is the eggplant, of course!

In sexting, the rooster emoji is a more subtle way to refer to a penis. It’s usually used by persons who use the word “cock” to refer to it as opposed to other words such as dick.

It can be a bit strange for some people to see a bird being used to represent a penis even if they do share a name. Additionally, this bird isn’t that flattering.

The Tongue

The tongue is one of the most easily understood emojis of them all. Even if you’ve never sexted before, you probably don’t even need to ask what it means.

It’s literally sticking out in a licking motion, so it obviously doesn’t represent talking. It’s as if this one was made just for sexting.

Final Remarks

Sexting pics and gifs are fun to use, but sexting emojis bring your conversation to life in a whole different way. Here is a video with a few more emojis you can use.

Feel free to test them out on sexting websites such as, which allows you to sext and hookup fast with people near you.

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