November 25, 2019

Sexting Gone Wrong (Examples of How Can It Go Wrong)

Kelsey Mack

When sexting is done right, it can lead to a lot of sexy fun. Sometimes, it is the perfect trigger to build anticipation for when the people who are sexting see each other. When they do, that anticipation turns into a lot of sexual tension, which usually means the sex goes incredibly.

Sexting is also used for people to reach orgasm. It’s not that hard to imagine. You're sexting a sexy girl, right? Then both of you please yourselves as you express what you imagine doing to each other at the same time. It works wonders, and it just makes things more interesting when you do see each other.

However, sexting can be done more wrong than chocolate on a pizza. So, pay very close attention to the information below. No one wants you to become a sexting laughingstock after all.

What Is She Doing?

This one is such a big deal, and it is typically ignored by most men who decide to sext a girl. Seriously, even if you’re using sexting apps and she’s not someone you know personally, try to find out what she’s doing before getting too deep into conversation.

A woman who has too much on her plate or on her mind has no room to be thinking about sexy time with you. Even if she’s the one you want, don’t push it by trying to get her to stay focused on you because you may end up creating an awkward moment. The worst-case scenario is that you turn her off completely.

So, here’s an example to help you to get this one through your head. Imagine that you hit up some girl on a local sexting site because you thought she had a hot profile picture. Now, this is the first time you’re talking to this girl, which means the impression matters.

You may hit her with a smooth greeting such as, “Cute pic. So, you’re looking for some fun, huh?” Now, she may want to see what you have to offer, but she may busy. So, she may hit you back with, “Depends on what you call fun. But we gotta talk later. Hanging with my girls right now.”

It is very important that you listen to what she’s saying and don’t let your horny agenda take over. Yes, this may be one of those sexting apps for adults, which means sexting is what she wants. However, if she says she’s busy, just let her be.

Random Dick Pics

Some guys don’t even wait for the sexting to start before making this terrible mistake. Like, how does the dick come before “good evening?” Is that how communication works. Girls on sexting apps require less conversation, but that doesn’t equate to no conversation.

They’re not animals, so at least try to have a little respect when you’re trying to get her goods. Doing so is likely to lead to a substantially more fulfilling and pleasurable experience.

Sext Her Yourself

Do not sext a girl under the influence of your friends. Sometimes you may be hanging out with your friends as you decide to sext. There’s no need to tell them that you’re having this conversation, whether you’re sexting online or not.

It gets even worse when you do tell them, and they decide that they want to get involved. The worst part is when you decide that you’re allowing that to happen. The girl that your sexting needs to see your personality. She needs to get turned on by you and what you want to do to her.

Your friends have their own personalities and their own agendas. This can create a façade, which is what attracts her. Or your friends may be horrible people and turn her off entirely.

Imagine if you have a boy’s night at your house, and one of your friends decides that he wants to see how she reacts to being called a whore. He could be doing that just for laughs, and that could ruin your best hookup yet.

Don’t Sext in a Compromised Mental State

Don’t sext while anything that can mess with your natural train of thought is happening. Here are some examples of times you should never sext:

  • After or during drinking
  • Immediately after you’ve gone through a bad breakup
  • Whenever you are either physically or emotionally exhausted
  • Whenever you’re out to prove a point to someone
  • When you feel emotionally broken

If you’re hopping onto a free sexting site to have some fun and a hookup, then no problem. In fact, a quick sexting and hookup site such as Bang Sexting is perfect for that. However, if your marbles aren’t all there, just don’t do it. The hookup isn’t worth it if regret is sure to follow.

If you want to see a little skit on some of the sexting mistakes you should avoid, check out this short video.

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