November 25, 2019

How Sexting Improves Relationship

Kelsey Mack

Can a long-distance relationship really work? Your view on this is probably dependent on the term of the relationship. Many people believe that such an arrangement can work over the short-term, but your needs and other factors affect the feasibility as time goes on.

When your significant other is easily accessible, there are many advantages and experiences that you have. When this person is far away, many of those things become impossible to do.

How are you going to see your girlfriend’s super awkward walk when she’s miles across the world? Unless you plan to have her learn the magical art of astral projection, that isn’t happening anytime soon.

There are people who have managed to successfully keep a long-distance relationship flowing for years because of nothing more than a combined effort, and you can do it too, if you’re willing to try.

You see, a relationship leads to the satisfaction of needs on a wholesome basis. You need somebody to be your impromptu nurse? Bae has got your back! You need a hug after a rough day? Bae has got your back! You need a round of sex because you’re filled with sexual energy? Bae has got your back and has probably put several claw marks there.

So, the real question here is, how do you fulfill each other’s needs when you’re so far away? It just takes a bit of adjustment, and if done right, you can even improve your bond.

Being Open

Sexting has a huge advantage over speech that is ignored by many. The advantage is that it’s text, and you don’t have to say it audibly. So, now you’re probably lost as to how that is any kind of advantage.

Step out of the relationship mindset for a second and imagine that you’ve just signed up on some incredible sexting sites such as You’re ready to get your sext on and meet some ladies.

How does that process of sexting online go? Think of the things you may tell her. It’s not unlikely that you may tell her how you plan to introduce your tongue to a spot between her legs. Bear in mind the fact that you barely know this girl.

Head back to reality for a second. Which girl would you ever meet in real life and start having such a conversation so quickly?

Sexting improves communication in your relationship in the same manner. Things may come out during sexting that you may have had a hard time saying in person. That’s just by virtue of the lack of mental pressure that comes with typing.

Statement of Faithfulness

This is another overlooked point that’s associated with sexting. If you look at sexting exclusively from the standpoint of sexting online or sexting apps for adults, you may not even realize what a statement of loyalty it can be.

When you put it in the relationship context, however, it truly starts to come to light. The fact that you’re so far from your significant other has no bearing on your sexual needs or desires.

What it does mean is that you have easy access to a plethora of other people that could help you meet said needs and desires. How would your girlfriend or boyfriend ever find out about something that’s happening so far away?

Everybody knows that this is a possibility, and if you decide that you want to satisfy your needs in a sexting and masturbation session with your lover, it says a lot.

If this is your preference when that person can’t be there, imagine when that person is there. That is a statement of loyalty that shouldn’t be ignored.

Of course, this only applies to you if sexting your lover is all you do for relief outside of solo masturbation. If you’re getting side action, then just move along.

Verbal Communication Improvement

How many times have you heard that communication is the most important part of any relationship? It’s unavoidable in such a context. How else can you decide what position you want her to get into?

You lose a lot of the non-verbal methods that are at your disposal in person. There are no gestures, and there is no tone to convey your words like there is when you’re face-to-face.

Now, you must bring each other off with words that are read. That takes an understanding of the person and a good command of your language to invoke the same feelings that you could in-person.

That skill may not come as natural to you as being crazy does to Madonna. However, time tends to improve it, and it’s something you never lose.

When done right, sexting can improve your relationship experience in amazing ways. Here’s a short video you can check out when you’re done here that covers why sexting is such a great tool in these situations.

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