November 25, 2019

Sexting Tips and Advice (to Men and to Women)

Kelsey Mack

How many things in this world stack up to a fulfilling sexting session? Building that level of sexual energy through text allows people to explore each other in ways they never thought possible. Not to be a party pooper, but there are guidelines to follow to achieve the desired level of satisfaction.

Now, don’t think of these as rigid rules that have been signed into law. It’s no felony if you decide to do things your way, and this is no lecture. However, what you’re about to read is some useful advice to both men and women where sexting is concerned.

The great thing about these tips is that there is something here for both men and women. Everyone knows that both genders are fans of it, so why not offer something for both?

For the Men

Men are typically the chasers, and that’s probably because it’s way more enjoyable that way. It applies to other areas of life too. Of course, no one wants anything to be mind-numbingly difficult, but a little challenge makes the reward well worth it.

Whether you’re using sexting apps, you’re exploring sexting sites, or you’re just sexting chat a significant other, keep these tips in mind as you go on your way.

Don’t Be Shy

Do you know what really turns on a woman? The ability to feel like she’s a woman, of course! Think of it as a contrast. Imagine that you’re 5’6” as a guy. The chances are that you’re one of the shorter guys in your group of friends.

However, if most of your friends are all under six feet, then you may not even remember that you’re a short person. However, when that one friend who is 6’3” comes around, the difference is hard to ignore, and you become a bit more self-aware.

The contrast between men and women works in a similar manner. She’s obviously a woman all the time (duh), but your manliness and assertiveness both highlight her feminine vibe by comparison.

Don’t Be a Creep

This one is especially for those guys who open conversations with nude sexting pics. You want to make the girl horny and not disgusted.

Even if you are sexting online, try to imagine that you’re talking in-person to a girl that’s in the mood for some sexy fun. How would you approach that? Would you open the conversation by whipping your dick out and saying, “you like?”

If that is normal behavior for you, then you may need professional help. Obviously, if she’s hanging around sexting apps for adults, she wants a flirtatious adult chat. However, you need to ease into it!

For the Ladies

Ladies are usually the more reserved where sex is concerned before a comfort zone has been established. When a girl is comfortable sexually, a man may not even be capable of keeping up with her unending desire.

However, if you’re just at the sexting stage, you obviously haven’t gotten to that level of comfort just yet.

Don’t Be Super Hard

So, you want to hookup with a guy, and you have decided to join a free local sexting site. Obviously, if you weren’t looking to be engaged in sexual conversation, that wouldn’t be your selected course of action.

Who goes to a baseball game because they want to see LeBron James shoot some hoops? That’s farfetched, and it just makes you look dumb.

Of course, you need to make it a challenge for him. Tease him and make him work for it, so the anticipation makes the sex better. However, there’s no need to act as if you weren’t looking to have a sexual conversation.

There’s clearly a line past which he gets rude, but once that line hasn’t been crossed, don’t turn hard to get into impossible.

Don’t Fake It

This one doesn’t just apply in the bedroom. When a man wants some sexy time, he thinks with his dick, and his brain goes on a forced vacation. This is the reason that so many men do stupid things for and to women in a quest for their goodies.

You may realize that men on sexting sites are easily manipulated, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage. If his vibe doesn’t interest you, then say so and just move on.

You may think it’s fun to play a little bit, but that’s somebody’s feelings that you’re talking about. Crashing from a pedestal is not a fun prospect.

Final Remarks

These are the biggest issues that each gender has where sexting is concerned. Now, assuming you can play nice based on the recommendations, BangSexting is a great site for you to get a quick sexting and hookup experience. It’s built just for that stuff.

Here’s a video with some more quick tips to kick your sexting into high gear.

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