November 25, 2019

Why Sexting Is Loved by Many (in a Relationship or Not)

Kelsey Mack

As a teenager, using a sexting site was a popular part of interactions between those who had feelings for each other. Of course, this depends on the kind of teenager you were as you probably exclusively used sexting sites because of a lack of popularity.

Regardless of what your adolescent years were like, you’re now an adult, which means that you have (hopefully) grown up to realize that much of what you thought important back then really wasn’t.

You may also have realized that sexting is not one of those things. If anything, sexting is even more prevalent now than it was back then, and what is the reason for this?

Well, there are numerous reasons for this, and whether you’re in a relationship or an avid user of sexting apps, you can’t escape the feeling. Are you wondering why it’s such a universally loved act?

The Taboo Nature

When you were a child and your parents told you not to jump on the bed, what did you do when they weren’t looking? If you were a good little child, you listened and did not jump a single time more.

If you were like the normal kids, however, this was your trampoline, and nothing could stop you from having your fun. This is one of the earliest examples of one of the most peculiar human traits.

You could describe it as an attraction to the wrong side of things. There’s a rush you get from doing something that feels different. It’s something that many people may look at as inappropriate, and so you probably hide the fact that you do it.

However, the feeling that you get from it is euphoric. Think about the first time you ever tried to masturbate. Based on the way all the other teenagers spoke and its sexual nature, you probably hid to try it out.

Once you did, the pleasure you felt was out of this world, and so you kept going back for more. Things of a sexual nature tend to have this effect, and sexting is no different.

When you engage in sexting online, it is as if the feeling increases tenfold. You have no idea who this person is, and there are people in your life that you may never engage in this way though they are closer to you.

However, you allow this person to explore your darkest desires. All the naughty things that you don’t want anyone to know are revealed here without hesitation.

If you want to be chained, whipped, humiliated, and dominated, you let it out here, and you can feel it happening through an expression of words.

Then it ends, and after some time passes, you think of two things:

  • What the actual hell did I just do?
  • I totally need some more of that in my life.

Building Anticipation

Sex that happens after anticipation is some of the best sex that exists. When you get into an aroused state, every second you spend without the good stuff increases your longing. When that happens, there can be only two outcomes:

  • Events happen and time passes until your arousal goes away
  • The anticipation continues to build, and you get to release it all through intercourse

Assuming the former didn’t happen because of your monthly board meeting, when you get the chance to unleash what you feel, there is truly nothing like it.

Sexting is a proven method to keep the anticipation flowing. It’s a constant line of expression between you and the person that you want to release the pent-up sexual tension on. It’s as if you’ve unlocked a pre-cursor to foreplay.

In fact, you and your partner may be so aroused that there’s no need for much foreplay if any is needed at all.

Sexting centers the mind around sexual activity in the same way that foreplay does. It prepares you in the same way. Furthermore, if sex can’t happen because of location or some other reason, it can be used as a tool for mutual orgasm.

Even if you have no relationship and you’re talking to a stranger on a free sexting platform, it still works. If you don’t know someone, chances are that you have no chemistry with the person. If you’re supposed to meet up to hookup, this can be a problem as the lack of any connection may mean the girl is as dry as a desert.

Even as strangers, your sexting chat can be enough to set your passion ablaze, and it can do the same for her too.

Final Remarks

Sexting is so enjoyable because of the mood that it creates, which can translate to amazing sex or great solo sessions for you and your partner.

If you don’t have a dedicated partner, why not check out It’s the perfect place for local sexting if your intention is to hookup fast.

Also, check out this video for a perfect summary of why sexting is so widely adored.

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