October 1, 2021

Top Online Sexting Scams and How to Avoid Them

Kelsey Mack

Sexting has become a part of hookup culture, especially for younger people. In a time where we live in a pandemic, sexting apps such as BangSexting, make sex more accessible even if you’re under lockdown and far away from the outside world. While it’s fun and exciting to engage in virtual sex, it poses a lot of dangers. We’ve collated the top online sexting scams that are rampant nowadays and have included tips on how you could avoid them on your next sexting session. Ready to find out what they are? Continue reading below!

The typical sexting scams you’d encounter in apps

Your Sext mate wants to finally meet you in person BUT…

They want to meet in the middle of nowhere, or probably someplace unknown and potentially dangerous. No matter how hot they are or how hard you want to really fuck, make sure that you’re still on the safe side. Many malicious entities lurk everywhere who want to either harm you, such as robbing you—or worse, death.

Just because you’re a guy, don’t think you’re off the hook too. There are many reported incidents of guys getting mugged or scammed online. A recent study reveals that men are twice as likely to fall for online dating scams than women. So if a highly suspicious girl wants to fuck with you in the most unthinkable places—no matter how hot it sounds—you better think twice, boys.

A prospect sext mate is too interested in children

Let’s face it, when we’re out fooling around on our phones, we’re just after one thing: getting off quickly and moving on right away. Most of the time, people don’t have time to do a bit of small talk because they just have one thing in their mind: sex. But, surely, there would be times when you meet someone who’s more talkative than usual and would strike many random topics during your conversation.

If they keep on hinting how much they like children that you think it’s bordering predatory, then it’s a clear sign to stop talking to them. No one in their right mind would always bring up children in the convo. If they keep on asking if you have a niece/daughter/son/or young cousin who’s with you and is more invested in knowing them than you are, you know what’s up next.

A sext mate keeps on hinting about their money problems… even if you’ve just known each other for a day

Like most people, we all bear different burdens, whether emotional, mental, physical, or even financial. Sometimes, when things get tough, we look for someone to lend a sympathetic ear to listen to our woes. And during those moments, there’s a rare opportunity to find comfort even with the unlikeliest people—strangers, namely our hookup or sext mates. Yes, we know it sounds weird, but people do that too.

However, when someone shares a sob story right away, and it sounds too rehearsed or scripted, it’s hard not to become suspicious and be wary of them and what they say. Don’t be easily swayed by their story right away, especially if you don’t know them too well. Scammers are desperate to do everything to get what they want—and we mean ANYTHING.

Their sexting profile looks perfect…. Too perfect, even

We’re not saying that you won’t get a chance to meet an absolute hottie during your search for a willing sext buddy. The thing is, if their pictures look too good to be true, then they probably are.

Catfishing has been a common problem for most people, with the rapid growth of fake profiles almost in any dating site you’d ever visit. In conducted studies, nearly one out of four women admitted to having catfished during their romantic conquests.

The sad reality is some “catfishers” are harder to track because they have become stealthier and creative in hiding their true identities.

You’re actually talking to a bot

 With AI technology getting better and better all the time, it’s sometimes hard to actually figure out whether you’re talking to a bot or not. In most sexting sites, bots roam around freely. They can strike up a conversation and act convincingly as if you’re talking to a real person—until they keep on insisting that you check a link that will “change your life” or lure you into meeting hot girls (or guys, whichever your preference is).

How to avoid becoming a victim of sexting scams

Be smart and vigilant. There are ways to protect yourself, and here are quick and simple ways to keep your digital presence safe from harm.

Don’t send photos or videos that may compromise your identity. It’s easy to get tempted to send nudes, especially when you’re in the heat of the moment. Remember not to share your face or your location that may easily identify you as scammers may use this against you.

Don’t wire money, especially to someone you barely met. No matter how convincing their alibi is, always be on the lookout and ask carefully. If they are not consistent with their answers, it’s most likely they’re lying to you.

Check their digital footprint online. Suppose you’re highly suspicious about someone’s identity, and you think they’re probably hiding something. In that case, it’s easy to do a quick background check on them online. Search for social media accounts online to ensure that they’re a real person and not fake profiles.

Ask them to meet you in a public place. If you’re having second thoughts when meeting them to hook up in person, it’s best to meet first in an open space, such as a pub, a bar, or a club. That way, you’ll get a feel of how they are, and if you’re uncomfortable or sense something is off, you can dash right away.

Wrapping Up

We hear you. After reading this blog, we know some of you would probably just abandon the idea of sexting altogether. But hear us out first. As long as you know the sexting do’s and don’ts and are aware of the top online sexting scams existing out there, you have the power to avoid them and gain control of your digital sex life.

Anyone can learn how to master sexting and be wise in practicing it. You can feel more secure if you use trusted sexting apps, such as BangSexting, too! Its easy sign-up process and data encryption feature ensures that your data is safely kept away from the prying hands of scammers and frauds. So you’ll better focus on acing your sexting game and enrich your sex life in many ways possible!

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