March 16, 2022

How to Sext Via Snapchat 2024 (Snapchat Sexting Guide)

Kelsey Mack

Snapchat is considered one of the most used and trending apps among teens or youth. Sexting through this platform has made the usual messages look old fashion. One can introduce the filters and the features of the apps into his or her sext life if you are not aware of sexting on this platform; good news because we will provide you with some tips on how to sext via Snapchat this 2024. This will assist you in breaking the ice and, at the same time, becoming a pro. 

How to Get Started with SnapChat Sexting 

SnapChat isn’t only limited to teens; adults also have given this platform a new edge. Now, aside from doodling the photos and then sending them to friends, users are able to do more, particularly in the erotic section, which you might not consider in the past. 

Begin the sexting journey by selecting the person in your list of contacts. And you can begin with a few introductions. You can directly send a picture and begin the real sexting when you receive thumbs up from that person. There are different ways in which you are able to send a text that you can see in the tips below. 

Snapchat Sexting 2024: Tips to Follow 

There is no wrong with sexting on Snapchat. However, you must be extra careful when sexting. There are a lot of sexting scams that have come out online. Sharing yourself with someone you don’t know can be risky. However, worry no more as with the tips below, you’ll be sexting in Snapchat the best, easiest, and safest way possible. 

The One You Are Sexting With Must Be Trustworthy 

Trust is one of the most important issues when it comes to sexting on this platform. You must have trust in the person you’re sending your photos or sexting. As leaked naked photos can be an issue. Even if this platform does not let anyone save your photos, he or she can take a snapshot or screenshot. Yes, you will receive a notification if somebody does that; however, what if that person doesn’t care about it. 

Start with Texting 

Sexting on Snapchat is not just about sending photos but also involves texting. So, always begin with texts, particularly if the one you are sexting with is new and the platform and you’re in the initial stage. It is always good, to begin with, a flirty message rather than attacking him or her with naked photos. Prior to moving to that level, try to figure out his or her interest and make sexting content. You can begin a personal chat and tell him or her you need somebody to share the delicious cake which you recently made. Always send a chat prior to sending naughty pictures. 

Doing a Test Run Can Help for those New in SnapChat 

I know that you’re excited about using SnapChat; however, it is highly recommended that you curb that enthusiasm and thrill and keep in mind this tip. One major risk of using this platform for regular sexting or texting is that you are able to accidentally share the naked pictures as your Story or send them to the wrong one. There’s a high opportunity that you share the photos with the wrong one as of one or two-letter change in his or her name. 

Give Him or Her Heads-up Prior to Sending a Naked Photo

This is a vital tip about Snapchat sexting which everyone must always remember. There are opportunities that he or she isn’t used to getting naked pictures from you while at work. However, if you have chosen to go out of the way and try new, then a heads up from you can save him or her from embarrassment. 

Impulsive nudes aren’t welcomed here. For example, even when your partner is always ready for sexy and hot selfies, a little message or text can go a very long way. As there are instances that he or she opens your bold picture next to his co-workers mistakenly; therefore a bit of precaution must always be considered. 

Videos can Spice Up Your Sexting 

If you like to make videos for your Facebook or Instagram stories, then you can also do this with Snapchat. Remember to do it safely and void getting a bad sexting experience. You can send dirty talks or show some sexy dance/moves by just making a short video. 

All you have to do is click the round button located below and hold it down. It will allow you to record a 30 seconds video, just like when you record for your social media account. You can play with your vibe on Snapchat always. 

Live Chatting while Sexting 

Snapchat live chatting works the same way as FaceTime on the iPhone, and it’s the best and ideal for sexting on this platform. Therefore, if you and your partner are up for having a live chat, then you are able to utilize this new feature of this platform. If the send button becomes blue, it shows that even the person you are sexting with is online on this platform. Live chat will begin as you and your partner hold the button simultaneously. 

Another amazing feature saves your hand from hurting; all you have to do is drag the icon to lock sign at the low-mid of the screen. Your right and left hands will be free, and you can keep on live chatting. 

Send a Sexy Selfie 

Women take pleasure in taking selfies for many good reasons. One thing you must learn is to celebrate how grand and overwhelming your look. Give the best pose, and then click the send button. Your partner or crush will take pleasure in it. 

Keep passion Alive 

As stated above, any photo that you send or the chat disappears vanishes the moment you close it. This is another feature that makes your sex chat always ask for more. Since the images are shot in real-time and will go sooner or later, you are not able to go back and please him as and if he wants. It makes the experience hotter as your partner is longing for more. 

Get Silly with Filter 

While hot and sexy photos work magic in Snapchat, cute and silly pictures also do. If you have a cute or sweet side of the personality, then go for the different cute filters on this platform. 

To Sum Up 

In general, if you’re utilizing Snapchat for sexting, ensure you keep the points mentioned above in your mind. And prior to sharing personal stuff with someone you are familiar with, you have to think twice as scams are common on an online platform. Sexting on Snapchat is exciting and fun, however, if done the right way. 

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