May 27, 2022

How to Sext Via Tik Tok 2024 (TikTok Sexting Guide)

Kelsey Mack

If you are searching for a perfect way to jazz up your relationship, hopping on board with TikTok sexting is indeed the best and perfect idea. Although this is your first time involved in sexting, it can assist you and add something very special that your current relationship is missing.

It may sound a bit scary and awkward to send sexy pictures to someone, but that is only part of the fun. If you try new and take some risks, your loved one will notice it. They will appreciate free sexting.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a top-rated social media app that enables users to craft, watch, and share fifteen-second videos taken on mobile devices. Due to the personalized feeds of strange short clips set to sound and music effects, this social media app is prominent for its addictive superiority and high level of engagement. Professional and amateur content creators can put in effects like background, filters, stickers, and music to their content and is able to collaborate on content and craft split-screen duet videos although they are in different locations. However, there is something more about TikTok, like its sexting culture.

How TikTok Sexting Can Change Your Sex Life

It might seem insane that sending a single picture can change your sex dynamic. However, take it from the one who knows if absolutely will. We got you covered if you would like to know how to own your partner with one image. Follow the sexting do's and don'ts tips below in order to avoid sexting going bad, send the ideal video or picture that will wow your significant one every time.

Practice More Until You Master It

This may sound absurd, but it works; believe me. You want to practice taking images or videos of yourself.  You never know how complex it is to snap a hot picture or video until you try it for the first time. If you practice, you’ll begin getting good at capturing superior videos and images to send to your significant one.

But, let us be true to ourselves; having sex with a similar person for a lifetime can be boring or a bit stale. It cannot be very interesting too.  To keep the relationship healthy and happy, you have to keep the sex thrilling and exciting. You have to constantly try as well as give the hard work to please and surprise them.

Consider What Turns Them One

Think of what they want and like. You might not think your stomach is all that firm and sexy. But your partner may be turned on by it. Do not simply cater the image to yourself to look pleasing in the eyes. Thoroughly consider the things they love seeing in the bed and fit them in a snap.

Look for the Best Angles

TikTok sexting without understanding the perfect angles is so hard and complex. You have to work the camera; you have to shift it around and take more practice shots prior to sending it to your sext mate.

You can make this thing easier by standing in front of your mirror and knowing which angles you look at best. Next, try to get in that similar position, hold the phone and take the image.

Utilize Your Mirror for Assistance and Support

Rather than depending on yourself alone to take videos or images, simply utilize your mirror. All you need to do is stand in front of your mirror in a sexy poise and take an image of your reflection. Also, this is an ideal way of adding variety and gets the whole body in the frame and not only one portion. A complete body nude image sent to your significant lover can be powerful.

Get the Opinion of your Friend

If you are comfortable with your friend, send the image you like to use initially and see what they believe. They can provide you with a sincere opinion if it looks amazing or when you want to work on those angles a bit more.

Have Confidence in You

Confidence makes your TikTok sexting amazing and great. If you are nervous and shy, it will come across. And that is something that can truly ruin an image and the sexting as a whole.

Ensure You Have Clear Background

Nothing messes up a sexy image like an uncomfortable background. Once you send it something worse in the image, it could kill the temper. Not just that, however, you never need something to be more diverting than the naked body parts. Therefore, ensure a plain and clear background prior to sending the pictures off.

One superb thing about TikTok sexting is that it can be very impulsive.  You can surprise them by sending an image if they least expect it. Never tell them what is coming. Simply break it and send it with no message.

Pick Words Very Carefully

Once you decide to send a little message with provoking picture, you need to be extra careful. There are instances; people believe they are sending something steamy if it is really a bit awkward. Utilize something you know they want no matter what. It does not need to be complicated or dirty. Sometimes, simple is better.

Show what your partner loves most and forget any insecurity: The truth of the matter is that your partner may find love and turn on by something you do not want in an image. You might not like a specific image of your boobs or ass. On the other hand, if that is what your partner wants, any image which will turn him on.

To Sum Up

TikTok sexting is an ideal way of jazzing up or saving your sex life. Assume your huge kid pants or take them off. So what are you waiting for? Create that best profile now and start sending that sexy and hot picture and videos. Let your significant other know what they have to come home to fast.  You need to follow the steps mentioned above in order to avoid sexting scams and become successful in your TikTok sexting venture. Good luck! 

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